Last year we reached a new, important and very exciting milestone! Over 1,000,000 domains are now hosted by SiteGround. With the big breakthrough though, comes big responsibility. So many talented people have entrusted their websites with us and we wanted to make sure that we continue to meet and exceed the expectations to every single one of you. To do that, in our annual client satisfaction survey, we’ve asked you how we did last year and what is it that you wanted us to improve. And here is the valuable feedback we received from you.

A Whopping 97% Satisfaction Rate

The biggest and most important question for all of us was whether you’re happy with the service and solutions we provide. With a fast-paced growth and a satisfaction rate of over 96% in 2016, we didn’t really believe we could do better this year. And then we got the final results for the 2017 client survey. We were more than thrilled to see that for the third year in a row, we’ve managed to improve the satisfaction rates and what’s most important – the quality of our service. 97.3% is here to prove that teamwork, devotion, and love can make web hosting exciting and worthy.

95% of Our Customers Would Recommend Us

Given the satisfaction rate above it’s no wonder that most of our customers would recommend us to a friend or acquaintance for their new business projects and personal sites. This means the world to us, as we value personal recommendation and we know that this is what counts the most.

What Do You Like About SiteGround?

This year, we wanted to know what do you like about us the most and we asked for your honest opinion in a couple of open questions. It’s no surprise that most of the answers were either dedicated to or involved our legendary Support & Customer Service teams in one way or another. Simplicity and ease of use were amongst the popular answers, too.

What Do We Need to Improve?

In order to constantly improve and be better, we need to know what is it that we’re not doing in the best possible way we could. That’s why we asked you what you don’t like about SiteGround. We noticed a trend of suggestions for updating the look and feel of our User Area and Control Panel. We appreciate your feedback and we’re glad to say that we’re working on some huge enhancements there as we speak. Big changes are coming in 2018!

A Preferred Choice for Web Professionals

The survey this year helped us identify two big groups of people, choosing our services. The first one are bloggers and small business owners that manage their own websites. The second group are the site building professionals who design, code and manage multiple websites. We are working hard to address every group’s specific needs in the upcoming User Area changes – simplicity for the first one, and collaboration options for the second. We are also very excited that more and more big companies are relying on SiteGround for hosting their projects and we have launched the enterprise hosting service for their specific needs.

With 1,000,000 domains pointed to our servers already, we couldn’t be happier and more grateful for your amazing feedback and for helping us constantly improve our hosting service. We’ll continue to enhance our solutions and aim to surpass even this year’s record!