Insurance and Billing

Insurance and Billing


We strive to maintain provider relationships with the major insurance companies. As this is an ever changing market, please inquire about your specific plan.

As a courtesy, we verify your individual policy benefits and submit claims to both primary and secondary insurances. For worker’s compensation or automobile accident claims, please provide claim information and your personal health insurance information to ensure proper payment on your account.

You will be asked to sign the benefits assignment portion of the “Patient Information” and the “Payment Agreement” forms. This assignment provides for payment of benefits directly to Medford Sports Injury Center Inc. However, this does not relieve you of responsibility to see that the account is paid in a timely manner.

Please notify our office if there is any change in your insurance coverage or mailing address. The billing staff can be reached at 541-608-2071. This may avoid unnecessary work for you.

We wish to stress that the financial responsibility for payment of services rendered rests with the patient or their family. We are more than happy to bill your insurance company but payments should be made on the account if insurance payments are delayed.

If your account becomes past due for any reason, please call your account representative to discuss this with you at 541-608-2071.

We are not at liberty to provide patient information to a third party. A valid authorization to disclose medical records must be signed by you and presented to our office. If you have any questions regarding our fees or policies we will be happy to discuss them with you.