Hotels and Resorts

We have a “cookie cutter” process that ensures you end up with a beautiful, mobile-friendly site on a standard platform that’s pretty easy for just about anyone to maintain.

Last Resort specializes in creating modern, mobile-friendly WordPress websites for hotels and resorts that are beautiful to look at and easy to update.

We have five different hotel and resort themes to choose from. Each theme has it’s own unique look and feel that can match the character and atmosphere of your hotel or resort. One theme might be appropriate for an island resort in the South Pacific or Maldives, while another theme might work better for a small family-owned hotel on the Pacific Coast.

Browse through our hotel and resort themes below…


Zermatt Hotel and Resort Theme

Explore our Zermatt Theme demo website >>



Andros Hotel and Resort Theme

Explore our Andros Theme demo website >>


Hotel SixtyOne

Hotel Sixty One Theme

Explore our Hotel SixtyOne Theme demo website >>



Santorini Resort and Hotel Theme

Explore our Santorini Theme demo website >>



Explore our Milos Theme demo website >>