What We Do

We take the contents of your current website and give it a beautiful facelift, giving your business a phenomenal first impression.

Our website redesigns use WordPress themes specifically created for hotels, resorts, coffee houses and medical professionals.

We work faster than big design firms, with great attention to detail.

Our focus is working with outdated websites and transforming them into mobile-friendly websites that work on all platforms.

Feel free to fill out our online questionnaire if you would like us to give you a quote on the cost. A larger web design firm would most likely quote you at $5,000 and even $10,000 or more for the kind of high quality redesign that we can do. And do it with extreme care.

Going with us is probably the best possible combination of precision quality and affordability. So let us give you a quote!

All we need from you are 1) as many high-quality, high-resolution photos that you can give us, and 2) the copy that you would like to see on each page.

You don’t have to worry about complicated HTML code with WordPress!

We recommend switching your website hosting company to Siteground, who specializes in managing WordPress websites. This is optional, however.

After giving your website a new redesign and facelift, we hand the keys over to you for ongoing management and updates, which is incredibly easy using the WordPress platform.

If you haven’t looked you yet, check out all of our sample websites here.


What We Don’t Do

We want to be totally upfront with you at the start. Because we want to keep our costs low, there is a list of things that we do not do…

We are not social media experts. Although we can of course integrate your existing social media accounts into your new website, we do not create new accounts and we do not have any special knowledge about social media marketing. We can refer a great social media expert.

We do not create logos and graphics. Again, we know several great graphic designers that we trust and that we can refer you to if needed.

What we basically want to do is transfer your current website over to a beautiful new design that is mobile-friendly. For most people our redesign will be enough. But if you are wanting an extreme number of bells and whistles on your new website, then we may not be the choice for you.

Or… we can design your new website for an affordable price, and then if you want more features that are beyond our scope, then we can refer you to a website designer that we know and trust who can work with you on upgrades.

Frankly, we don’t believe you need a lot of crazy features. It is best to keep it simple, especially these days with mobile devices taking over the world. Besides, if you check out our sample websites, you’ll see that they have every feature you could possibly want anyway, so no need to pay $10,000 for a website.

For hotels and resorts, most people simply want to know where you are located, they want to see photos or videos of your place, and they want to know how to contact you and possibly book a room.For restaurants, people want all of that plus a way to see your menu online and possibly reserve a table.